Diana Zalucky

Diana Zalucky is a multifaceted artist in every sense of the word. A photographer for nearly twenty years, she has also extended her expertise to include directorial work for motion and integrated projects over the last decade.


Diana’s infectious energy and passion radiate from every pore, effortlessly drawing out the best in those around her. Her warmth and enthusiasm infuse each project with a sense of authenticity and honesty, enabling her to capture genuine moments that are filled with unbridled spirit. It is this innate ability to connect with others, to transcend barriers and bask in the essence of their individuality, that sets her apart.


Raised in the US Virgin Islands, the daughter of a Turkish mother and Ukrainian father, Diana made California home in 2014.  A storyteller at the core she is always pushing herself to create something new —in the past, this has resulted in her creating a podcast and becoming a bestselling children’s author. When she’s not on set in Los Angeles or traveling the globe for projects, she can be found surfing, spending any time just being in nature, writing and reading multiple books at a time in her home where the mountains meet the sea.








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